A routine of the Holy Inquisition Part 3

Interrogated witches, warlocks, and others sold soul to the devil in the same way as heretics under the most severe torture. In addition, the bodies of the victims to seek out the so-called “mark of the devil” — unusual moles, seals, etc. it was Believed that the devil imposes on their minions print, which you […]

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A routine of the Holy Inquisition Part 2

The first Albigensian appeared in the beginning of 11th century. They preached Apostolic Christianity and were simple, moral and sheltered life, so at first, they were called “good people” (fewer bones homes). However, after the first excommunication from the Church; delivered at the Cathedral in Toulouse, convened by Pope Calixtus II, began to call Toulouse […]

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A routine of the Holy Inquisition Part 1

Hard for us to imagine that there was a time when witchcraft brought no income, and suffering and martyrdom. Then the witch hunt was a national sport in many countries of Western Europe, and the sorcerers and hundreds burned at the stake for the glory of the Roman Catholic Church… A typical view of the witch […]

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The horrific murder of Ramesses III

Ramses III murder was terrible. A brand new research of the Regal mummies suggests that numerous attackers at the same time pounced on him murdered the Pharaoh. Along with the truth that his neck was cut imaging methods show that the Pharaoh’s big-toe was likewise cut down. the embalmers may intentionally keep solution this damage. […]

18/05/2017 FAQ

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Bloody tortures of the Middle Age Part 2

German theologian Georg Widman told how one night the devil was watching one salt the pot of boiling water. The devil sticks his nose into the crack in the wall of the house, Salter throws it in boiling water, and then the devil throwing the wizard across the river, and the boiler is over the […]

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Bloody tortures of the Middle Age Part 1

In the treatise of the witch hunter Pierre de Lancre “the picture of the impermanence of evil angels and demons,” published in 1612, describes the atrocities perpetrated by the servants of the devil. Accompany the text very illustration of the Polish engraver Jan Sarnco. A reader faces the coven, where they eat a bread made […]

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Steps in Writing a Reaction Paper

When dealing with a reaction paper, remember that it is not so good to only chant the praises of strong points or criticize weak points associated with text at issue. On top of that, be ready to justify your personal reactions. Note that it is essential to substantiate your choices, for instance, an introduction to […]

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The Egyptian Pyramids Part 2

  — Can there be to the way the pyramids are placed in accordance with one another any program? — Is a theory, suggested by manufacture John Buval that is English the pyramids signify “Orionis buckle” — three superstars. Orionis buckle may be the constellation holy in several civilizations that are historic. With Osiris, Orion […]

01/05/2017 FAQ

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The Egyptian Pyramids Part 1

Chart — among the many mystical man made items in the world. — Followers of pseudohistory genuinely believe that the Egyptians historic civilizations not constructed the pyramids. How can this fantasy be refuted by you? Historian works particular details, together with historic files. You will find resources that state that the pyramids were constructed by […]

26/04/2017 FAQ

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The origin of the names of kings Part 2

Throughout Egyptian history the old Kingdom, despite this slight voltage reduction, apparently, the kings of the fourth dynasty, feeling that the kings are very powerful beings, something indeed related to the same gods, persists. It should be formulated: what in kings divine? I said that it was a difficult honor to the Egyptians was a […]

21/04/2017 FAQ

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