Youtube to MP4 Converter Online Free: The Ultimate Guide

Meta: All you have to know about Youtube to MP4 Converter Online Free and tips to get your video quickly.

You want to download a video from Youtube to your computer for work but have not found satisfactory software? Are you afraid that strange software will bring viruses to your phone or computer? You only use it a few times, but the software requires a fee? If you are facing the above problems, you need to find the tools Youtube to MP4 Converter Online Free. And this is the article for you.

Ways to Convert Youtube to MP4

Download the software to your computer:

Currently, many parties provide free youtube to mp4 converter software on the internet.

You can download it easily with just a few mouse clicks. Some prominent names can be mentioned, such as Youtube Downloader, Any Video Converter, Freemake Video Converter, Atube Catcher, … The common point of this software is stable operating speed. The converted video retains the same quality and is optimized for compatibility with all devices. In addition, some software also supports downloading on platforms other than Youtube such as Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, … It is such integrated features that the software brings much convenience to users.

However, if you are looking to download Convert Youtube to MP4 software, you should also consider the safety of the software. Because if you arbitrarily download software from untrusted sources, you are likely “aiding” bad guys to steal your important information such as credit cards, bank cards,…Many data conversion software is now found to be running in the background and secretly collecting user information.

Another disadvantage of downloadable conversion software is that it is only available on specific platforms. For example, Youtube Downloader is only available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating systems, Freemake Video Converter is also only available for Windows operating systems. This causes many disadvantages for users of other operating systems such as iOS.

In addition, the design of the software is also more complex, more manipulated due to the integration of many features. Some software does not support Vietnamese or requires users to pay after the trial period expires.

Use an online converter:

The most significant advantage of online conversion tools is their convenience and ease of use. Instead of spending time downloading, installing, and adding a few more steps to get the converted video, now users only need a few straightforward mouse clicks.

The interface of online conversion sites is elegant and straightforward. Users access to know immediately what they need to do, how to do it.

However, online conversion tools do not guarantee stable quality as downloaded software. The output video file will sometimes have errors or inconsistent sound and image due to technical problems.

Note when choosing Convert Youtube Online software.

Not all Convert Youtube Online software is worth your experience. Some software also risks users, such as virus intrusion, information leakage, etc… The following notes will help you find the right software for you:

Choose free software: Some software will ask you to pay after a trial. That is quite expensive when there are many utterly free conversion software.

Choose a tool that does not require login: Sometimes, logging in to access a website or application is quite annoying because I only use it a few times. Choose which software you don’t need to sign in to use. This will save you time, and above all, keep your information secure.

Choose software with fewer ads: Every time you visit a website, you have to see a ton of pop-ups and ads. Have you ever been stressed because of that? If so, then boldly choose software with fewer ads.

Freedownloadhq is Youtube to MP4 Converter Online software that converges all the above factors: Free – No login required – Few ads. You don’t have to go far to search anymore.

Freedownloadhq is currently one of the best YouTube to MP4 converter software available today. In addition to the above advantages, it is also available on many operating systems from Android, iOS to Windows.

How to use an online converter

Using online converters is very easy and straightforward. It doesn’t take much time and effort since most converts online today have a simple and user-friendly interface. It also doesn’t require any technological background, you just need to have basic skills of copy-paste and then you’re all set.

Below are detailed instructions on using Freedownloadhq to Convert Youtube to MP4.

  1. Directly search the video’s keyword or title on FreeDownloadHQ’s allocated bar
  2. Or you can copy the link of the desired video from the YouTube address bar
  3. Open the FreeDownloadHQ site and paste the URL on the bar
  4. Click “Start now.”
  5. Choose the right outputs from MP3, audio, video, YouTube to GIF maker, or thumbnail downloader
  6. Before choosing the file size, edit your video’s duration by adjusting the time below the video
  7. Click “Convert” to begin the conversion process
  8. Click the “Download” button and set the destination folder on your computer
  9. And you’re set! Easy, isn’t it?

Using other converters is similar to the guide above. Just come to the website and follow the guide. You will get all the videos you want with just a few clicks.


Converting Youtube to MP4 is no longer unfamiliar to us. Today, many tools support both offline and online conversion. However, it would be best if you also were wise to consider which tool to use to suit your needs. Besides, do not forget to ask the creator for permission and use the video for personal purpose only since Youtube still considers downloading videos from the site a copy violated. Hopefully, the information we present above can be a sufficient basis for making the right choice for you. If you have any questions, please comment below the article. We are more than welcome to answer all your questions