Writing a Thesis Statement

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It is impossible to write a fine academic paper without an adequately composed thesis, which consists of a couple of sentences at maximum and represents the main message of your written task. In addition, it makes comments regarding your stance and assist readers in keeping an eye on arguments.

Thesis Writing Steps

  • Examine the topic, narrowing it down. The powerful thesis cannot be uncertain – its task is to include the essence of the subject. In case your topic is “Economical Situation in the Modern World,” it may be reduced to such topic as “Economic Paradigm in the Most Developed Countries of the World.”
  • When writing good thesis statements, try to turn the topic into a simple question. The thesis will likely be formed from the answer. Taking into account the above-mentioned example, the given question will be “How does the state of economy have an impact on the development of European countries?” The thesis together with the answer can be the following: “Nowadays, one of the most important attributes of a successful development of a country is its level of economic growth. As a rule, this growth guarantees stability and confidence in a future in all spheres of human life.”
  • When you think that the thesis is ready, enter upon its analysis and evaluation. Assure yourself that it alludes to only one idea, represents what you would like to tell in the essay, and comprises no less than three discussion areas.
  • Jot down the thesis. As usual, it is situated in the middle part or in the end of section with introduction. The reason of such placement is quite simple: writers always want to attract attention of readers to their texts and papers at the very beginning of narration.

Approaches for Writing the Thesis

Among the main problems students have when writing academic projects is no idea concerning the way how to start composing the paper. Creating the thesis may turn out to be a challenging task, but certain approaches can give you a hint. Some of these approaches, which touch upon subject how to write a thesis statement, are pointed out below:

  • Defining the paper’s goal. This task is just a piece of cake. All you need to do is to make a decision concerning your paper’s goal; a bit later, it may be elaborated and turned into the thesis.
  • Summing up. Once you have understood the collected material, you can retell it several times. After each time, try to reduce the text; in the end, the remainder will be presented as the principal thought.
  • Address to your assignment instructions in a different way. When the project refers to a peculiar question, restate it in a type of statement.
  • Voicing a point of view. Before beginning to get results regarding the thesis, voice your viewpoint concerning the topic, not thinking about supporting facts – the given goal may be reached a bit later. It is not necessary to elaborate a strong thesis at once. Moreover, becoming a professional thesis statement creator may take some time.

To a certain extent, the thesis can be compared with a personal point of view. Nevertheless, one can witness a slight difference between these two. While a viewpoint is much more about reckoning in a certain order, the thesis is about the claim backed up with supportive facts and details, and thoroughly researched.

The thesis may be altered when being engaged in the process of writing. Consequently, do not consider the first thesis as the best one; turn it into a working one to correct or revise it later in case of need.

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