Who was betrayed by the corrupt bargain?

Who was betrayed by the corrupt bargain?

Jackson’s supporters denounced this as a “corrupt bargain.” The “corrupt bargain” that placed Adams in the White House and Clay in the State Department launched a four-year campaign of revenge by the friends of Andrew Jackson.

Why is the corrupt bargain of 1824 important?

The election of 1824 is often claimed to be the first in which the successful Presidential candidate did not win the popular vote, even though the popular vote was not measured nationwide at the time, further clouding the issue. …

Why did Jackson issue the specie circle?

The principal reason for Jackson’s implementation of the Specie Circular was high inflation. This action led to high inflation. The government did not want to accept currency that was quickly declining in value for federal land. The Specie Circular was partly responsible for the Panic of 1837.

What factors caused the panic of 1837?

The Panic of 1837 was influenced by the economic policies of President Jackson. During his term, Jackson created the Specie Circular by executive order and refused to renew the charter of Second Bank of the United States, leading government funds to be withdrawn from the bank.

Did Jackson support paper money?

Paper money was printed by individual banks, and their value could fluctuate greatly. Some of it was worthless, and Jackson felt bankers were abusing the citizenry. “Jackson thought that paper money wasn’t real money,” Feller said. “Real money was gold and silver.”

What caused the Specie Circular?

The Specie Circular was a reaction to the growing concerns about excessive speculations of land after the Indian removal, which was mostly done with soft currency. The sale of public lands increased five times between 1834 and 1836. Speculators paid for these purchases with depreciating paper money.

Why were pet banks created?

President Jackson directed that this money should used to pay the government’s expenses, and that no more government money should be deposited in the bank. All future deposits were to made into certain state banks – those that were controlled by Jackson’s political friends and referred to as the ‘Pet Banks’.

What is one reason that Andrew Jackson issued the Specie Circular in July 1836 requiring payment in gold or silver for all public lands?

What is one reason that Andrew Jackson issued the Specie Circular in July 1836, requiring payment in gold or silver for all public lands? because the Congress had forced him to to strengthen the government’s currency because paper money was hard to obtain.

Why was the Specie Circular bad?

The “Specie Circular” was a decree that only gold and silver could be accepted in purchasing public lands[96]. Many in Jackson’s Cabinet objected because they saw a danger in it. The danger was that Congress may have seen it as a further abuse of executive power by Jackson and may have tried to supersede it[97].

How long did the Panic of 1837 last?

approximately seven years