Who created the House of Burgesses?

Who created the House of Burgesses?

. George Yeardley

What was the first representative government in Jamestown?

House of Burgesses

Who voted for the House of Burgesses?

Only the burgesses were elected by a vote of the people. Women had no right to vote. Only free and white men originally were given the right to vote, by 1670 only property owners were allowed to vote.

How did the House of Burgesses contribute to democracy?

The House of Burgesses set a model of the first democratic government with a limited royal authority. It gave the colonists an idea of having its own government and being freed from the English. The House of Burgesses gave the Americans 157 years of head start in democracy.

What was the historical significance of the House of Burgesses?

With its origin in the first meeting of the Virginia General Assembly at Jamestown in July 1619, the House of Burgesses was the first democratically-elected legislative body in the British American colonies. About 140 years later, when Washington was elected, the electorate was made up of male landholders.

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Why did the colonists want self government?

The idea of self-government was encouraged by the Glorious Revolution and 1689 Bill of Rights, which established that the British Parliament —and not the king—had the ultimate authority in government. As interference increased, colonists felt more resentful about British control over the colonies.