Which issues slowed the speed of industrialization in some countries quizlet?

Which issues slowed the speed of industrialization in some countries quizlet?

Which issues slowed the speed of industrialization in some countries? They lacked resources, economic problems, and political instability.

What were the problems of industrialization?

Some of the drawbacks included air and water pollution and soil contamination that resulted in a significant deterioration of quality of life and life expectancy. Industrialization also exacerbated the separation of labor and capital.

What is the main benefit of industrialization?

Through industrialization, machines help people do their work more quickly. As productivity is optimized, more products are made, and therefore, the surplus results in cheaper prices. Some may argue that this advantage is the most significant one as it affects economic growth immensely.

What is a benefit of industrialization?

Industrialization generates employment opportunities, provides educational opportunities, encourages advancement and innovation, and better utilizes resources. All of these benefits and more make industrial development extremely valuable to a population and the local economy.

What is the concept of industrialization?

Industrialization is the process by which an economy is transformed from a primarily agricultural one to one based on the manufacturing of goods. Individual manual labor is often replaced by mechanized mass production, and craftsmen are replaced by assembly lines.

How did industrialization affect people’s lives?

In factories, coal mines and other workplaces, people worked long hours in miserable conditions. As countries industrialized, factories became larger and produced more goods. Earlier forms of work and ways of life began to disappear. Once factories were built, most men no longer worked at home.

What are the four phases of the digital revolution?

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  • digital revolution (4 phases)
  • data processing (phase 1)
  • personal computing (phase 2)
  • network computing (phase 3)
  • cloud computing (phase 4) the cloud.
  • digital divide.
  • globalization.
  • computer classification.

What are the types of industrial revolution?

These are the first three industrial revolutions that transformed our modern society. With each of these three advancements—the steam engine, the age of science and mass production, and the rise of digital technology—the world around us fundamentally changed.

Which industry was first to be affected by the industrial revolution?

textile industry