What is weak democracy?

What is weak democracy?

Critique of Liberal “Thin” Democracy Instead of a bottom-up democracy, with a direct democracy or local elections for only local offices, liberal democracy consists of huge masses of people voting for political offices. This weak democracy produces less legitimate outcomes than under a stronger democratic structure.

What do strengths and weaknesses mean?

Strengths are defined as character traits or skills that are considered positive. Weaknesses are defined as character traits or skills that are considered negative or not as well developed.

How do strengths become weaknesses?

A common way that strengths become weaknesses is when a leader uses their abilities reactively, instead of as a source of creativity to address the problem.

What are the disadvantages of democracy Class 9?

Demerits of democracy

  • Leaders keep changing in a democracy leading to instability.
  • Democracy is all about political competition and power play, leaving no scope for morality.
  • Many people have to be consulted in a democracy that leads to delays.
  • Elected leaders do not know the best interest of the people, resulting in bad decisions.

What are the arguments in Favour of democracy?

The arguments in favour of democracy are: (i) A democratic government is a better government because it is a more accountable form of government. (ii) Democracy improves the quality of decision-making. (iii) Democracy provides methods to deal with differences and conflicts.

What are the five arguments against democracy?

Arguments against democracy are listed below.

  • Changes in leaders contribute to instability.
  • Just political conflict, no place for morality.
  • Consulting more individuals contributes to delays.
  • Ordinary people are unaware of what’s good for them.
  • Contributes to corruption.

What is the strongest argument for democracy?

Democracy is a form of government where complete power rests in the hands of the people . That is why it is also called government OF the people,FOR the people and BY the people. ↔IT ENHANCES THE DIGNITY OF AN INDIVIDUAL. ↔IT PROMOTES EQUALITY AMONG CITIZENS.

What is the argument against democracy?

Following are three arguements against democracy are: Change in leaders from time to time (elections) can bring about instability in the government. There is a consumption of excessive time for taking decisions because of consultation to many people, which leads to delays.

Why is democracy is a better form of government?

Democracy improves the quality of decision-making. Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens. Democracy is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct our own mistakes.