What do you think makes a good book?

What do you think makes a good book?

A good book is one that makes the reader feel. It takes the reader on a compelling journey. If a book is written well and tells a great story, it has more of a chance of making a difference in people’s lives. However, a book need only be good to the reader to make a difference in his life.

How do you write a good introduction for a book review?

IntroductionIntroduce the topic of the book (what is the issue at hand, and why should we care?)Introduce the title and author of the book.State the purpose of the book (including the author’s thesis or major findings)State your thesis (or the purpose of your review)

What makes a good book introduction?

A book introduction can include everything that would be in a preface: how the book came about, the scope of the book, why the book was written etc. However, an introduction also supplements the subject matter of the book.

What is the purpose of a book introduction?

You know why most readers—probably including you—skip book introductions? Because most authors think the purpose of the introduction is to explain everything they will talk about in the book. That is boring and wrong. The purpose of a good introduction is to engage the reader and get them to read the book.