The unroyal odor of king Louis XIV Part 2

Dr. Dakine writes: “His Majesty threw up again today, mostly pieces undigested matter, among which a large number were truffles.”

This is the reason for medical concern? At the Sorbonne were taught that the stomach is not so important as the intestines. And only the emptied gut — a healthy gut. Therefore, doctors in the 17th century was prescribing for all diseases of body and soul… a laxative.

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Just like today as the conveyor prescribe a sedative. Fortunately, in the 17th century, the usual loyal subject of France and of Navarre could not afford a doctor’s visit. Unlike the king.

For the health of his Majesty in all of life-doctors Louis came to the consensus, was good only the strongest laxatives that need to be taken daily. So every day Louis had to slurp “snowstorm” of the serpentine powder, incense and horse dung.

It is not surprising that disgusting swill to exert its terrible effects. As the range of tasks of the court medics were part of a detailed record of how often his Majesty must go where even the king walks in to the present day has heard that it went from 14 to 18 times!

And he walked — sedately and with dignity because to run through the whole Versailles the king was not expected! So can you blame the fact that sometimes he sailed to the toilet too late, spreading in the way of the more “flavor”?

In 1686 the Royal intestines finally rebelled against medical torture. First, in medical journals are becoming more frequent entries like “his Majesty pooped blood.” Then on the anus of the sun king formed a tumor the size of a fist.

It’s hard to imagine what pains the king lived. As he sat on the throne, or rather his tumor, his face had taken on such a stone that rumors about the deadly disease of the king.

The yard sends the order to all the bureaucrats of the state in order to Paris brought all suffering from a similar tumor in a Sorbonne Professor Helicase. A month Professor learns to operate on the human Guinea pigs: cut them the length and breadth of the priests and sews again. To gain experience for much more precious priests of his Majesty.

Felix operates so competently that all of the Guinea pigs immediately taken to the cemetery. Pain Louis meanwhile had become so unbearable that on 17 November, he issued an order that it must at all costs to operate tomorrow.

Out of respect to the Royal prestige operation takes place in a narrow circle. Madame de Montespan reciter in their hearts: “In manus tuas domine, commendo spiritum meum” (Lord, into your hands I give my soul), when the sharp knife of Professor Felix 10 times Royal ass.

The success of the operation rather attributed to the prayers of Madame de Montespan than the mastery of Professor Felix. All, really all that can be said about the court of Versailles, can be read in a single record Professor Felix in his diary.

The surgeon writes in the first days after the operation that more than 30 courtiers of the king went to the doctor with urgent requests to remove such a tumor. Felix examined all and haven’t found anything like it.

At this time Louis was suffering like a wounded horse. The operation was carried out naturally, without anesthesia! After the surgery and he still bleeding made and sent to Church to speeches of gratitude.

To demonstrate their increasing improvement, the king had to eat in the presence of 30 people. In the afternoon he had to go to bloody cut the priest to serve 2 hours on the Royal Council. Because even such a thing as the operation had no right to disturb the settled order of the day of Versailles.

The question remains, how after all these inhuman tortures by doctors in General Louis XIV lived to be 79 years old?

Two things saved him. First, do an iron Constitution and strong physique. The Swedish Ambassador in France writes about barely born 5 September 1636 Louis in Stockholm, that the baby is so incredibly strong that three of the nurse barely manage to presititi it.

And Yes the world will be saved from the heir to the throne, which is already in the cradle is developing such energy. It is this incredible energy gives the king the sufferer 79 years of life in spite of delirium all of its doctors…

The second thing is the mentality of the king. These are the words of French historian Madeleine Jammer: ”75 years on the French throne in the person of Louis XIV were Spanish, not French.”

Indeed, Louis was not like his father Louis XIII, in his presence it was forbidden to mention the name of an ancestor. But most of all, Louis loved his Spanish mother, Anne of Austria. She was a role model in matters of government, and in matters of attitude to life. For example, in relation to disease, pain and suffering.

Position in life of the sun king was the completely non-French. French sensuality meant constant complaints of health to get the sympathy of the environment. In this case, the father of Louis was a real Frenchman and his subjects entertained from morning to night with stories about his health. They listened very carefully. Probably mainly because was secretly hoping to hear the news that the king finally dies.

By Louis XIV himself was quite different. Never the son of the Spaniard has not dropped a word about her health. Even the worst of torments, he delivered the life-doctors not forced him to open his mouth and complain.

Majestic as a Spanish grandee, he sailed for Versailles: in the stomach and intestines of gas, “joy” full pants and pocketed his nose, which was fastidiously raised above all mankind, as if even in their most shameful moments of life, the king wanted the sovereign to shame the world: “I Stink, therefore I exist!”.