Top holiday gifts for the casino gamer

With the holidays quickly approaching, many readers are searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. While this can be a difficult task even for the best of friends or closest of families, readers looking for gifts for the casino game fans in their lives are in luck. Here are some of the top holiday gifts for people who love casino games!

  1. Lucky Sevens Replica Slot Machine

What could be better than gifting a loved one with a replica of their favourite game? While this replica might not be the exact title they love, it’s a great fit for general slots fans. This is especially true for anyone who loves classic slots, in particular, as this large-scale replica represents the time-tested fun of a fruit machine.

It is worth noting that this gift is not a small miniature fit for a dollhouse. It stands 38cm/15 inches tall and a hefty 21.59cm/8.5 inches long. The machine is smaller than a life-size slot machine, of course, but large enough to enjoy. The game does more than look nice, too, and features a flashing jackpot light as well as casino sound design.

The slot machine cleverly doubles as a piggy bank and accepts most international coins.

  1. Casino game-themed candy and beverages

Many people consider Christmas to be the perfect time to indulge in comfort food. Why not surprise loved ones with their very own candy roulette wheel? Jelly Belly, for example, offers a ‘BeanBooozled’ tin of its infamous jellybeans complete with a candy-styled roulette wheel on the lid.

Readers who prefer a more DIY or adult-focused gift might find shot glass roulette to be a more exciting option. Shot glass boards are available at major online retailers that feature a familiar roulette wheel in the center of the board with glasses of alternating colours (red and black) surround it around the edges. Spin the wheel to pick a shot! Note that this does not have to be an alcohol-only gift. Readers can always include the recipient’s favourite beverage to use with the wheel.

  1. Salt and pepper shakers

A tin of candy or a slot machine replica might not be the best fit for your loved one, but perhaps salt and pepper shakers would be a better choice? The Casino Slot Machine salt & pepper shakers from Pacific Giftware feature a small replica slot machine with a ‘grandma’ player sitting in front of it. Available at online major retailers, this could be a great gift for the older slots-lovers in your life.

  1. Warm socks

What better time to keep loved ones warm than the blustery winter season? There are a plethora of casino and dice-themed socks available on the market that make excellent stocking stuffers. One popular option is a simple black sock with the message ‘I’d Rather be at the Casino’ embroidered in white on the bottom of them. Others feature cards and dice as well as dollar bills and poker chips.

These socks also make an excellent companion to any of the other choices on this list.

  1. Cufflinks

Do you have a casino game and cufflink enthusiast in your life? Whether you are searching for perfect mini replicas of a roulette board or prefer a great hand of cards, there are cufflinks available to suit just about any budget. Tateossian’s Roulette Cufflinks, for example, cost around USD $300, while aptly named Cuff-Daddy has poker cufflinks for USD $25. Finding a pair that is affordable is easy – it’s picking just one set that might be difficult.

  1. Punny shirts

Punny shirts are perhaps the best choice for fans of dad humor. After all, why not embrace the groan-inducing puns year-round? This is another kind of gift that is quite prevalent online, and it is possible to find a pun to fit just about any casino game possible. Poker lovers, for example, might enjoy Ann Arbor T-Shirt’s ‘I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry’ shirt. The black top features the pun in white block letters along with a part of cards.

  1. Casino-themed piggy banks

From saving for another trip to the casino to setting money aside for a vacation, piggy banks are a good gift for almost anyone. Casino-themed piggy banks, in particular, might be an excellent pick for the casino game fan in your life, even if they are not into novelty gifts. Cottage Creek offers a bank that is high quality and looks more along the lines of a sophisticated jar than an explicitly themed item. Only the front of the bank, which says ‘Casino Money’ in elegant lettering, gives it away. A great place to stash away all those winnings from casino bonuses!

  1. Casino watches

In a similar vein to the cufflinks suggestion above, watches are a great way to add a bit of subtle casino flair to an outfit. Some casino watches are quirky and feature large, brightly coloured numbers sectioned off into a wheel reminiscent of roulette, while others revel in the theme without turning into pure novelty gifts. Invicta, for example, offers a casino-themed watch with a sleek roulette face surrounded by glittering clear crystals.

Casino watches vary quite a bit in terms of price, so make sure to do some digging to find the perfect fit.

  1. A trip to the casino

For readers interested in a splurge, tickets to the recipient’s favourite casino could be a good choice. Perhaps a trip to gambling mecca Las Vegas and its world-renowned operators would make their holiday season bright? A more cost-effective variant of this gift might be a day trip to a local casino. In fact, this is often a great pick for casino fans who prefer to stick close to home.

The trip can be as luxurious or simple as you’d like. For an ultra-luxe experience, consider hiring a limo to take the recipients to the airport or to their favourite local provider.

Keep our ideas in mind as you search for the perfect gift for a loved one, and you are sure to find the right pick.