Tips With Rocketship Education

Families play a big part in the success of children in public and private schools alike. Parents of children who obviously don’t care how well their kids do in school are significantly less likely to have kids that do well in their coursework.

Schools like Rocketship Education understand all too well that having parents that try their hardest to help their children succeed in school is a great way to improve the performance of those individual children and the rest of their schools at large.

Here are a few ways that some employees of Rocketship remember making sure that parents were able to try their hardest and actually get somewhere with their children.

Teachers at Rocketship are asked to visit the homes of students’ families to build relationships with both kids and parents

Rocketship requires its teachers to visit every single one of its children’s homes per school year. It’s best for these teachers to visit such homes near the starting of each and every school year so they can benefit from strong relationships with the kids they teach all year long.

According to official statistics released by the front office of Rocketship, it’s said that most teachers are able to get at least 50 in-home visits under their belt at the halfway point of the school year – January.

The many teachers of the hottest public charter school system – none other than Rocketship, of course – are trained to be able to offer programs relevant to their students’ parents’ cultures

Teachers – as touched on above – need to build strong foundations between themselves and the parents and guardians of the students in their classrooms for countless reasons.

People from low-income areas often hail from minority backgrounds. Another thing is sometmes true about living in low-income areas – they might be of a wide, broad variety of different backgrounds. As such, teachers need to be aware of what kinds of programs they can offer to such families of students so that they can talk to students about how well their parents liked the programs that the teachers hooked them up with.

Advice from Ms. Sanchez of Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary

Once upon a time, according to Ms. Aned Sanchez of the Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary School, Aned Sanchez was approached by the mother of one of her students and asked how she could help her daughter get better at English – grammar, syntax, spelling, and the like – when she could barely speak broken English herself!

Ms. Sanchex shared with her that it would be a great idea to begin reading wherever and whenever she could; even if the books or magazines she was reading were written in Spanish and not a single word of English, setting an example of reading to children is a great way to get them to improve their language skills.

What is Rocketship Education?

Rocketship Education is a leading public charter school outfit located in the United States. The line of charter schools is relatively new, having only been founded in 2007 by the likes of a master of education – Preston Smith, a man who is currently the President of Rocketship and was previously a founding principal at two other elementary schools – and a highly-skilled technological guru named John Danner.

Today, only Preston Smith remains with the likes of Rocketship, though the legend of bringing high-quality education to kids who are from low-income cities, neighborhoods, parents, and guardians live on through the likes of Preston Smith.

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