Six ways to earn money with your smartphones

If you find yourself on this page, it’s probably because you are looking for ways to turn your time spent on the phone into money or to keep yourself busy by doing something productive. Earlier, it was believed that making money on your smartphones might be difficult or impossible, as you need to get a real job. But now, there are several ways to earn money online with your phone, with or without skills.

Whether or not you have a lot of spare time, you can use several apps and sites to make real cash, gift cards, crypto coins, and other prizes. Some companies will even pay you for just playing games or watching videos.


You don’t believe me? Here are six ways you can make legit money online using your smartphones.


  • Becoming a Freelancer

That’s one of the most common ways to make money online today. A freelancer is a self-employed person who makes money by rendering services to people who need them. It can be anything depending on the individual’s skills, and you can work with business owners, clients, and individuals who need help with their personal activities. Freelancing skills, such as writing, web design, video editing, social media management, data analysis, and digital marketing, are popular in the market. You require a smartphone, a strong internet connection, and a marketable ability as a freelancer.

With your certified skills, there is a high chance that you will get jobs online. Sites like Fiverr,, Upwork, LinkedIn, and others have tons of freelancing gigs. All you need to do is register on these freelancing websites, create a profile, and get jobs that pay you for your assistance.


  • Playing Online games

Games are one of the best ways for iPhone and Android users to earn an income. There are several online games like online jackpots that you can play for real money and win. You can also play Video games on smartphones, and you get a chance to win prizes either by competing with other players or getting the highest score in the game.

Depending on the game, you can play to earn points that can be exchanged for rewards in the form of PayPal cash, gift cards, and more. Many world-famous gamers earn millions yearly just by participating in gaming tournaments.


  • Watching Ads

Numerous businesses will pay you to use your phone to watch video commercials and make money. They accomplish this by placing advertisements on apps so users can view what the marketer says about the product.

There’s a reasonable probability someone will buy that specific good if they can get this kind of traffic. The lead for that product will receive a commission due to this. So even if you didn’t create the website, you could still use your smartphone to make money by watching these video ads.


  • Owning your YouTube Channel

Content producers can publish videos on YouTube, expand their following, and make money. You can create amusing short videos, take online lessons to learn how to bake a cake or sew a basic outfit, or create personal vlogs, among other things. All you require is a YouTube channel where you can upload your videos, get subscribers, and maintain their interest. It’s a dependable way to make money with your smartphone.

Getting people might be a bit difficult, especially if you have to start your youtube channel from scratch and gain new followers, but once you get that following, you can start making money from your videos. It takes patience and time, but it’s worth doing as there is a lot to achieve once the channel gains a substantial subscriber count.


  • DropShipping and selling stuff online

Dropshipping and selling stuff online are similar yet different. Dropshipping involves selling products for others and getting a commission on each product sold while selling your stuff involves opening an online store and dropshipping for your products and selling them to people online. The popularity of online shopping and dropshipping has skyrocketed in recent years. You may create an online store or sell used items using several websites and tools, including Amazon and eBay.

If you’re unsure what you can sell online, a fast search of the most popular things on eBay or Amazon will help.


  • Paid Survey

Online surveys are another intriguing option to make money on your phone. Several companies are willing to pay for your opinions because your feedback is essential. You can get paid by sharing your ideas on survey websites. You can check out websites like InboxDollars and Opinion space to know more about this.



There are numerous ways to earn money using only your phone. Some standard methods are playing games, completing surveys, and watching video commercials. Whatever approach you go with, there is no doubt that today is the easiest time to make money.