Responsibility for Our Old People


Aging is a universal conception that relates to the process of the persons growing old (Nakrem, 2015). These people need special care as they cannot carry on with their duties and responsibilities. In this regard, the essay seeks to explain whether the old people should stay in their homes or live in the nursing homes.

Responsibility for Our Old People

In most of the developed nations around the world, the old men and women usually live away from their real homes; in the nursing homes. However, Nakrem (2015) asserts that a majority of these aged persons have relatives and children who have the capacity to cater for their daily needs. Additionally, the governments have also chipped in and stimulated a notion whereby they have replaced the responsibilities of the relatives and children. In most case, the government’s replacement of the children and relatives’ roles has led to an instigation of special homes, nursing homes and they pay for all the care and activities that take place.

On the same note, life has proven to be complex than the theories and rules. Indeed, the ideology complies with an approach to the dilemma. For instance, it relates to whether the old persons should stay in these special homes where they keep in touch with their peers or should the children and relatives actively take up this role.

Accordingly, cognizant of my opinion, the various approaches to this particular problem often depend on both the religious and economic status of the societies. For instance, if a community seems to be wealthy and not religious and at the same time the inhabitants used to bring up children regarding a family, then the old individuals will end up in the nursing homes. In contrast, in the case of a traditional society that has low income with many children, the attitudes towards their elders change (Murdoch, 2015). In such instances, the old people may not afford to stay in the nursing homes. These people tend to continue with their work in a form of their children’s rearing.


Hence, all the old persons need to stay in these special homes based on their will. Further, the public needs to provide financial support when deemed necessary. The old persons’ wish to live with their children need to be respected while authorities and the social opinions should ensure a fulfillment of the concept.