The Place of Academic Qualification in the Modern World’s Success

In the current world, the thought of being successful lingers in every person’s mind daily. The exposure to numerous success stories around the globe works as motivators to any person willing to do what it takes to make a change in their life. Among the successful people in the world, a combination of both educated and little-educated individuals provide the examples that people follow. The presence of such people questions the place of Education to being a successful person. However, education plays a significant role in the modern world. The constantly changing world requires an educated person to become successful (Everyday Life – Global Post, 2015). Education goes beyond only being successful since learning entails a life-long process.

In schools, students get to learn about various aspects of life that include success, failure and dealing with hardships in life. Education encompasses a holistic process to mold the individuals to cope with any situation in life. A high school diploma or a college degree represents a completion of the comprehensive process. To become successful takes time. The integration of vocational training in schools and colleges prepares students for life after school. The skills gained in school and internships in the chosen careers can help a person become successful (Snyder, 2012).

According to Everyday Life – Global Post ( 2015), a person with a diploma or a degree in the modern job market stands a better chance to get a good job. The position can act as a springboard for a person to climb their way up to success. A job cannot guarantee success in life, however, with the certificates; one can enhance his/her position by advancing their studies. Without such testimonials, one can find it hard to get a job in the current job market.