Less Obvious Aspects of Your Future That May Be Affected by the Profession You Choose

Most people fall into one of two categories: they either have their entire future’s all planned out, or they’re just winging it. Regardless of which category you personally fall into, chances are, there’s probably a few details you’re accidentally missing! While you might already know what you’re going to have (or currently have) for a career, you may not have considered the effects that your career can have on multiple aspects of your future, including romantic life, dating, and family. Most people think that simply making enough money can solve any issues they might have in the dating department, but often that isn’t the case. Unfortunately, love isn’t always easy, but thankfully, you can always make it work (albeit with a little ingenuity!). Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look!

Career Choices & Your Appeal As a Romantic Partner

 Public perception varies widely between different professions. While there are many women who would love to find a pilot partner and are actively looking for them using online dating platforms and even hanging around airbases, far fewer are actively pursuing a garbageman. The irony of this? The garbageman would likely make a better partner! Of course, you can’t control other people’s minds or opinions, so the public perception of your choice of employment is something you’ll need to take into account. Truthfully, many women will happily partner with you regardless of your career choices, but if you’re going after a higher class of women, a white-collar job will definitely make your romantic journey easier! However, at the end of the day, you should choose a job you enjoy, rather than one you think will make you more attractive.

We know that having a high-paying job can make it easier to appeal to potential partners and feeling better about yourself, but what if you work a minimum wage job? Are you completely out of luck? Thankfully, no! If you work a less desirable job, then you’ll still have plenty of happiness in your life, but we highly recommend not focusing too much on your career choice. This approach actually offers two advantages: a.) any matches you find will actually want to be with you for you, not for your money, and b.) your career choices will likely be more open in the future, allowing you to adapt to the lifestyle of your new partner with ease!

Professions & Possible Places of Living

 You might personally love where you’re living right now, but should you select one of the careers that require being anywhere or at any time, it becomes pretty likely that you’ll need to move in the future. There are a variety of reasons that this might happen, you might get offered a new position far away from home, frequently go on working trips, etc. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to consider the possibility of moving in the future. While opinions vary as to which places are the best places to live, one of the biggest limiting factors to consider is your income, actual or potential.

But the actual nature of your job is the second factor. This issue has been largely solved by recent digitalization and remote work, but someone like a farmer won’t have much luck in a downtown appartment since they have to be hands-on on the production process. The same story is with a corporate employee – when commuting to work takes several hours each day, anyone would be faced with the choice – live in your dream house, but only sleep in it, or in a small flat just across the street from your office building, but have some time dedicated to your personal life. Some people think a high-paying job can solve every issue, but that’s not necessarily the case, as it puts its own limitations on professionals engaged in it.  Getting housing with a lower-payer job might be more complicated, but there’ll likely be fewer work-related issues with it.

How to Deal with Business Trips?

 If you currently work at a single location, business trips probably aren’t something you’ve taken into consideration. However, if you plan on getting into a multi-location career (such as trucking, flight attendant, or travel agent), business trips may eventually become detrimental to your romantic relationship. Unfortunately, unless the job you have never requires traveling, there isn’t any way to 100% avoid business trips. However, you can make sure your life at home remains healthy by using proper time management practices!


We often don’t think about our career choice(s) when thinking about life, but in reality, employment can have an extremely positive (or negative) effect on everything, including relationships. As often seen in movies, a job’s requirements can be very stressful (especially if it’s a high-paying job), so you should take this into consideration if you’re getting serious about the balance between stress and happiness. If your job requires a lot of time to get done, you might not even find time to enjoy all the benefits it brings. Fortunately, most obstacles can be overcome with a bit of planning and deciding on the exact priorities.