How to see what someone likes on Instagram

An Instagram feature named “Activity” was very beneficial for the people who were looking to know what others liked on their Instagram profiles. Well, this feature was removed in 2910, and since then, many people have been looking for different ways to see what someone likes on Instagram.

Image 1. Snoopreport Instagram activity tracker

The reasons are different. Some are the parents looking to see what their children are looking at, while others are the people who either want to know other’s interests and similar things. Although the activity feature is no longer on the Instagram application, there are still some ways by which you can check things that other people like on Instagram.

So, here are different ways for how to see what someone likes on Instagram.

The most basic way of checking what someone else likes is on Instagram.

So, we will start with the most basic way of getting this done, and we will move to the more intelligent ways of getting things done here. So, the most basic way of checking what someone likes on Instagram is by going through the accounts they follow and then checking their posts. You will most probably come across a lot of posts that they have liked.

Here is the process that you need to follow:

  • Open the target profile and go to their followers.
  • Open every public account and check the posts that they have liked.
  • Although this seems simple, the process has some major complexities and drawbacks. Some of its drawbacks include:
  • You will spend a lot of time checking the posts that that person has liked.
  • Checking the posts of private accounts are almost impossible unless you follow those accounts
  • You will have to repeat the process every time you want the updated data, which means spending some more hours.
  • You may not find what you are looking for.

How to see what someone else likes on Instagram when you have access to their account

Sometimes, you either have their account or access to their device where they use Instagram. Well, you can also use that device or account to check what they like on Instagram easily. Here is the process how it goes:

  1. Open the Instagram application and go to the profile tab.
  2. Click the three buttons/ bars located on the right top and select settings.
  3. Click on the account and then post what you’ve liked.

Now you will see all the posts that the account has liked. It is a pretty ingenious way of checking the likes. However, there is only one drawback to this method: it is not easy to have access to the devices or accounts of other people.

Image 2. Sample report on likes provided by Snoopreport

The intelligent way for how to see what someone likes on Instagram

The above two options seem to work while they have some major drawbacks which lead you to the only best way. Have you ever wanted a method that provides you with the best results within the shortest time and effort?

Well, using Snoopreport is the way you have been looking for all the time. While you do not want to waste a lot of time going through individual accounts that someone follows and then checking all of their liked posts, you can use Snoopreport to do all of that for you. It is a tool where you can track all of a user’s activity on Instagram.

The best part is that the scope of Snoopreport is a lot wider than the likes. It provides whole reports about the followers as well as the activity data of a user all in one place. So, here is how it works:

  • You create an account at Snoopreport by using the signup option.
  • You log in to Snoopreport and start the tracking of any user of your choice.
  • It provides you with thorough reports about all of the stats that you are looking to know.

With this tool, the process gets extremely easy at your end as you do not have to scroll through posts for hours to shortlist some of the liked posts. Similarly, you will never have to wait for the other person to unintentionally leave their device near you, where you can sneak into their account and check the stats.

Well, there is a long list of benefits of using Snoopreport as well, and here are some of those benefits.

No restrictions on the accounts to check

When you use any other method than using Snoopreport, there is one issue, and that is you need to follow that account. If the account is private and you are not following them, then you cannot check their stats. With Snoopreport, all of these restrictions vanish as you can check on anyone’s account without any restrictions.

So, whether that be any celebrity or someone near to you can easily know everything about them.

All of the information at one glance

You do not need to go through several pages to get the different bits and pieces of information. Here you get all the information presented in an amazing form on one page. With the important words highlighted using different ways, you get all the information at one glance.

Image 3. How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

Tracking activity levels is possible.

While the other methods do not allow you to track the user’s activity here, you can easily track the activity of that user. It means that you will be getting the latest data all the time.


As a parent or a friend, you sometimes need to check what people like. This could be for the reason that you are looking to give them a gift of their own choice that they will love without knowing if they are getting it.

Similarly, you might need to spy a little on what your target user is doing these days on Instagram. So, you can use different ways and techniques for how to see what someone likes on Instagram. Here we were discussing the best ways that you can use under different circumstances.