How to Improve Your Study Techniques

Studying can be hard. During college we use countless hours flicking through books, trying to understand everything. Passing those exams and getting our degree is important. You probably have a good idea of how you get the most out of a day in front of the computer towards the final goal. However, there is always room for improvement. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Use the Technology
In a technology-driven world this should be a focus point. Today we can find so many apps and programs that can ease our studying. “Study smart not hard”. If you go to your preferred app-store you can find note, dictionary and dictation programs, just to name a few, that can improve your study technique. You can also find great software for students online that can help you, no matter which kind of program you are enrolled in.

It might be tempting to hit the books all day, but it is a good idea to go for a little work out. Studies have shown that even short exercise-breaks can give an edge when you study. When you exercise your body will release dopamine, that improves focus and thereby efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Tie your old runners and go for a run. It might give that A-plus you are aiming for.

Create Schedules
Getting a routine is good. If you stick to a certain schedule where you do everything by the clock, your body will adapt. It will know when it needs to deliver and when to relax. Studying during the day has shown to have an improved effect on results. So, use all the natural sunlight that is available. Sticking to the schedule will also create time to see your friends and family and fill you up with renewed energy.


Break It and Make It
Many experts have found out that it is important to put in breaks in order to be more efficient. Some of them suggest that we are not able to stay focused for more than 30 minutes. You might be able to stay focused a bit longer but do remember to take breaks at least once an hour. It doesn’t need to be a long one. Just a short walk or stretch for five minutes can make a huge difference.

Test Yourself
You can read all you want, but if it doesn’t stick, what’s the point then. Give yourself a small test while studying. For example, you can try to read a chapter and then reflect on it. Try to write down what you remember from the chapter and then go back and check if you remembered the most important things. If you are lucky the book will include small tests at the end of each chapter. If it does, make sure to capitalize from it. It will help you improve your writing course-lingo, so you are prepared for your exam.

In conclusion, you need to manage your time wisely and use all the aid available at your disposal. Do that and you will also hold a degree in studying.