How to Become a Video Game Designer after 12th class

What is Game Designer:

Career Advisor people will Suggest you choose a career after 12th that comes with good returns and secure your future but that would be a wrong move ahead if you are not interested in any of the general career path and wish to make a career in offbeat vocations and earn a name for yourself in it. Now, if you are the one who grew up playing Super Mario and GI Joe and 3d games on television and wanted to check out every new game that came on the market and want to create your own concept game with your imagine creativity then you should know what it is all about and how you can be a part of game designing.

To become a Game Designer, you must get a good knowledge of 2D/3D software as well as pre-production. Usually, in Games, the environment is created in 3DSMax and Character animations in Maya, Only the models are made with fewer polygons and more textures. So choose a program that teaches you this software. It would not matter whether the program is called game design program or not. Rest, to become a level designer you must have a passion for game design. Also, you must have the passion for playing all kinds of games including card games, dice games, sports etc. May I ask, have you ever designed a game? Finally, to do game programming you would require knowledge of programming in which usually a BCA/ MCA would help. If you like this answer you may select it as best answer or press like.

Career Paths as Game Designer:

The person who designs and devise rules, User interface and experience for games are known as game designers. They are responsible for the setting and development of stories and characters wireframing of games loaded in computers, the internet, and other respective applications. The duties assigned to the game designer may vary according to the project they are supposed to work.

There are many creative fields for a talented and passionate person:

Story Visualizer
Environment designer
3D asset creator
Game programmer Research and Development
Level designer
Game designer
Game developer
Texture Artist
Multimedia Developer
Interactive Designer
3d Modeler Artist
Texture and Lighting Artist
Rigging Artist
3d Animation Artist

There are many type of Games:

Mobile Games
2d Video Games
3d Video Games
Motion Captured Games


The eligibility requirement to become a Game Designer:

Do you have what it takes to become a Game Designer?

Entry requirements for Pilot Traingng programs vary according to training location and local regulatory requirements and For career in Pilot you should meet the following minimum entry criteria:

1. Aged over 15 years and above for animation training.

2. INTEREST in creativity ,design and animation.

3. Known of English language.

Career Requirement  for become a Game Designer and Animator:

Degree Level Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Animation or Certification in Animation (2 to 3 Years)
Degree Fields Graphics, 2d Animation, 3d Animation, Special Effects and Multimedia
Diploma and Certification Animation and Multimedia
Key Skills Photoshop, Flash, 3ds Max, Maya, Unity, After Effects, Zbrush
Salary RS 120,000 to 12,00,000 (according to your experience)

How to become a Game Designer and what are the ways for being a Game design Artist after 12th:

Step 1: Start Sketching Classes in 10th class and Keep on practicing.

Step 2: Start bachelor’s degree in Animation Course from recognised Institute/College/University


Step 2: If you have not any resource to do degree in Animation/Game Designing then join certification course in Game Designing and Animation from recognised Institute and also do Bachelor’s degree from any recognised distance learning university.

Step 3: Start Internship in Animation to get experience.

Training Institute for become a Animator and Game Designer:

Institutes for Diploma in Animation and Game Designing Rankingwise

1. Arena Animation, GTB Nagar
2. MAAC Academy
3. Framebox Animation
4. Picasso Animation College
5. TGC Animation
6. ZICA Animation College
7. Oxford Institute
8. IMS-Design and Innovation Academy
9. LISAA School of Design
10. Pickles Animation

Colleges for Degree in Animation and Game Designing

In India and Abroad there are lots of best colleges where you can learn Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art and Visual Communication).

1. Delhi College of Art, New Delhi
2. Institute Delhi Collage of Art, New Delhi
3. Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
4. Amity School of Fine Arts, Noida-UP
5. Deviprasad Goenka Management College Of Media Studies, Mumbai
6. Lalit Kala Sansthan of Visual and Performing Arts, Agra
7. Sir J. J .Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai
8. ABS-Affinity Business School, Bhubaneshwar
9. SVC-Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi
10. Banaras Hindu University
11. AKM-Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai
12. IFA-Institute of Fine Arts
13. College of Fine Arts, Chennai
14. Kanpur University
15. New York Film Academy

Kind of Software and Production Training provided in Game Designing and Animation Institutes:

Sem 1: Graphic Designing Modules

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw

Adobe Indesign

Sem 2: 2d Classical Animation

classical Animation



Adobe Premier Pro(Video Editing)

Sem 3: 3d Animation and Special Effects Modules

Modeling and Texturing in 3ds Max

Ligthing in 3ds Max

Rigging and Animation in 3ds Max

Special Effects and Dynamics in 3ds Max

Sem 4: Advanced Animation and Visual Effects Modules

Modeling and Texturing in Maya

Ligthing in Maya

Rigging and Animation in Maya

Special Effects and Dynamics in Maya

How Much Does It Cost To do Animation and Game Designing Course:

Short Term Courses : 50,000 to 90,000(In Rupees)

Career Courses(nr About 2-3Years) : 2Lakh to 3Lakh

(Note : fees vary according to the Colleges and Institutes.)

Designing Process step by step:

How to Become a Video Game Designer after 12th class

Top Ten 3d games for Study of Game Designing:

2. Battlefield Bad Company
3. Tomb Raider Underworld
4. Metro 2033 the Last Refuge
5. Batman Arkham Asylum
6. Mafia 2
7. Just Cause 2
8. Need for Speed
9. Lost Planet 2
10. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Top Video Game Companies for Game Designing:

Lakshaya Digital
Dhruva Interactive
The App Guru
Juego Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
Rockstar Games


What are its prospects in the next five years:

The prospects are huge, now-a-days gaming is coming like anything .There are lot of scope over here like Gaming is now used at Bank’s, for marketing, for education, to improve the IQ etc .Mobile gaming, i-Phone Gaming and Social Gaming is the next gen future .One can start his or her career as a gaming artist, game developer, game taster, game de-coder, porting etc. Another type of gaming is coming with lot of scope, X-Box, Nintendo and Simulation Games.

Salary Packages after Game Designing Courses:

  • For Freshers : 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh (per annum)
  • For Experienced : 5 Lakh to 12 Lakh (per annum)

Best of Luck 12th Student and Go ahead with Big Dreams