How does Odysseus rescue men from danger?

How does Odysseus rescue men from danger?

odysseus and his men land on the coastline of the lotus eaters to take on water. how does odysseus rescue his men from this danger? he drove them to the ships and tied them under benches. one of the laws of ancient greek society is courtesy to strangers.

Why can’t Odysseus and his men leave the cave of Polyphemus?

The cyclops Polyphemus traps Odysseus and his men in a cave, behind an enormous rock. Only the cyclops is strong enough to move the rock, so Odysseus can’t escape.

What makes Odysseus men lose sight of home?

Odysseus and his men arrive to look for food. Once there, the men find a cave that they decide to explore. Odysseus makes an escape plan to stab Polyphemus eye with a sharpened Olive tree branch, so Odysseus gets Polyphemus drunk and when he falls asleep, the men stab Polyphemus in the eye making him blind.

Why doesn’t Odysseus respect the Cyclops?

Why doesn’t Odysseus respect the Cyclopes? They are lawless creatures with no sense of community and no drive to cultivate the land. In lines 91-92, what does Odysseus’ metaphor imply about the Cyclops? He is huge and alone, like a mountain.

Who is the Cyclops father?


Does Odysseus kill the Cyclops?

Hover for more information. Odysseus, the hero from Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, does not kill the brutish cyclops, Polyphemus, because Odysseus and his men would be trapped in the cave.

Who kills the most of Odysseus’s crew?


What happens when Odysseus taunts the cyclops?

He then tells his first useful lie, Odysseus telling the Cyclops that their ship is nowhere to be found, it was destroyed on the rocks. Polyphemus scoffs at this idea of hospitality, snatches up several of Odysseus’s men, smashes their heads on the rocks, rips them limb from limb, and eats them—not very hospitable.

Why does Odysseus yell at the Cyclops?

Polyphemus likes the wine and asks Odysseus his name. Odysseus tells him he is “nobody”. Polyphemus curses Odysseus as Odysseus is leaving the island on his ship. He curses him because Odysseus is rash enough to shout back at the cyclops and tell him who has conquered him.

What is ironic about the Cyclops saying he will eat Nobody last?

What is ironic about Cyclops’s saying he will eat Nobody last? The Cyclops is saying that he will eat “Nobody” last the physical being, but the audience understands that eating nobody means that the Cyclops will not eat anyone. To prepare for his escape, Odysseus offers the Cyclops wine to get him drunk and drowsy.

What is ironic about Polyphemus speech to the last RAM?

There is also some wordplay going on as a result of Odysseus telling Polyphemus that his name is actually “Nobody.” Unbeknownst to the Cyclops (hence, the dramatic irony identified by the other commenter), this isn’t Odysseus’s real name, and so his assertion that he will eat Nobody last could be considered ironic; he …

How does Odysseus arrogance get the best of him?

In The Odyssey, Odysseus’s hubris gets the better of him when he taunts Polyphemus. He is so confident and arrogant about his triumph over the Cyclops that he makes a terrible mistake. When he gives his real name to Polyphemus, he incites the anger of Polyphemus’s father, the sea god Poseidon.

What is ironic about the gift the Cyclops give Odysseus?

Odysseus refrains from killing the Cyclops because if he does he will not be able to leave the door because it is to large. Lines 276-277: Explain the irony of the gift the Cyclops says he will give to Odysseus. The irony is that the gift is the gift of the God and Odysseus is not a god.

Why does Eurylochus fear snare?

What makes Eurylochus fear “a snare”? Circe is said to be singing a pretty song and she looks like a goddess which makes them believe she poses no threat. Eurylochus fears “a snare” because of many innocent people following her and being put into a trance.

Where do Odysseus and his men go after they leave the Lotus eaters?

the Cyclops’s cave

What is Odysseus tragic flaw?

He has a tragic flaw, which can best be identified as hubris (an overbearing arrogance or misguided pride) as one of several distinguishing traits. But Achilles is a simpler character.

What happens to Odysseus men when they eat the lotus flower?

Too much of a good thing can be dangerous, and in Odysseus’ case, it caused his men to ignore their responsibilities, forgetting their purpose. After eating the lotus flowers, his men disobeyed orders and forced Odysseus to physically bring them back into reality.

How does Circe change Odysseus men from pigs back into men?

Circe has magic powers, which she uses to turn some of Odysseus’s men into pigs. When Odysseus resists her magic with the help of the god Hermes, Circe invites him into her bed, then bathes him, feeds him, and releases his men from the spell she’s cast on them.

Why did Circe kill her husband?

In some stories, Circe was exiled by her father Helios to live alone on Aeaea, a fictional island, as punishment for killing the prince of Colchis, who was her husband at the time. She later had children with Odysseus, the king of Ithaca from Homer’s writings.

Did Circe kill Scylla?

Circe lifts the magical ban on the island and Athena comes to get Telemachus to make him the king of his own kingdom. Wanting to be different than his father, Telemachus chooses to fade into obscurity instead, and Telegonus takes Athena’s offer. She (and Telegonus) goes to kill the Scylla, and is successful.

Was Circe beautiful?

Circe ranks as one of the greatest witches of mythology. A beautiful enchantress – she likes nothing better than to turn men into pigs. (Some have seen her as a bit of a feminist). It is only when the wily Odysseus lands on her island that she finally meets her match.

Who did Circe fall in love with?


Does Circe kill herself?

It turns out, Circe does leave this world behind. By committing suicide. After all that, all her rage and learning and growth and fighting, she ultimately decides to just give up and kill herself.

Is Circe good or bad?

In conclusion, Circe isn’t a villain nor a hero, but rather human. She is a free spirit and walks to the beat of her own drum. She has a strong personality and makes her own decisions, whether they are right or wrong, she’s just like us.

What are Circe’s weaknesses?

Circe did have weaknesses, and one was her weakness of falling for sailors. Another is that she did not have enough power to take down a god, she only had apothecary skills.