How do you write a Dbq for AP World History?

How do you write a Dbq for AP World History?

How to Approach AP World History: Modern DBQsThesis: Make a thesis or claim that responds to the prompt. Context: Provide context relevant to the prompt by describing a broader historical development or process.Evidence: Use at least six of the provided documents to support an argument in response to the prompt.

How many paragraphs should a Dbq be?

Each body paragraph will follow this general format, and there are no set number of paragraphs for the DBQ (minimum or maximum.) Write as many paragraphs as you need to both use all seven documents and fully answer the prompt by developing the argument (and counter-argument if applicable) from your thesis.

How do you quote a document in a Dbq?

Use phrases like, “Document 17 says…” – or “it says in Document 15 that…” or “In Document 7 it says that…” In a DBQ use proper historical citation, integrating the name of the source & the author into the body of your writing.

How do you conclude a Dbq?

Summarize your essay.Restate your thesis statement and sum up the way the evidence backs up your thesis.Do not include any new material in the conclusion.Look back at your introductory paragraph. Your conclusion should refocus on the DBQ topic and on your thesis.