How do you start a history source question?

How do you start a history source question?

Answer the question directly.Begin with a sentence that addresses the prompt. If prompted to evaluate a source’s usefulness, you might start with something like “This source shows us that…” or “This source is useful because it demonstrates that…”Keep the answer focused!

What is the provenance of a source in history?

Provenance is the term used for a source’s ‘background’ – its nature, origin and purpose. Your own knowledge must relate to the source itself. Only write about events in order to prove what the source says is useful, or not – don’t just narrate.

How do you answer a history question?

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How do you structure a history history source question?

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How do you write a 20 mark history essay?

You should make a point, back it up with evidence, then explain what this evidence shows. For top marks you need to evaluate these points, but show that your argument is stronger. Finally, finish with a conclusion. This is where you summarise your argument without adding any new points, and give a final answer.

How do you write an introduction for a level history?

For A-Level it is important to include an introduction, 3/4 main points which answer the question and present a coherent argument and finally a conclusion. Every introduction should include 3 main things, brief context, the different points you will be making and finally your argument, which I will explain.