How do you analyze a GRE argument?

How do you analyze a GRE argument?

The GRE Analyze an Argument essay: 6 tips for a high score1) The argument is always FLAWED! 2) What you choose is not as important as arguing it thoroughly. 3) Anticipate objections to your thesis and refute or synthesize them. 4) Be specific in your examples. 5) The GRE does not expect you to have prior knowledge of a topic to argue it well. 6) Structure your essay clearly.

How should I study for the GRE essay?

General GRE Analytical Writing Assessment TipsKnow the topic types. Read the directions thoroughly. Manage time well. Write as much as you can. Come up with pro/con statements. Choose a side. Relate all examples and reasoning back to your thesis. Make a concession point.

How do I get my gre 330?

To get a 330 on the GRE, you need an average of 165 on the two sections. The lowest score you could possibly earn on either section and still get a 330 is 160. This requires that you do well enough on the first Quant section to get the harder second Quant section.