Does U of M require SAT essay?

Does U of M require SAT essay?

Although the University of Michigan does require the ACT or the SAT test results, the U-M does not require the ACT’s Writing section or the SAT’s Essay.

How many years of language do you need for U of M?

First-year applicants to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts are strongly encouraged to take four years of language study, but only two years of the same language are required for admission (American Sign Language is included).

What is the acceptance rate for University of Michigan?

22.8% (2019)

Is U of M an Ivy League school?

6 (UPI) — The University of Michigan is the highest-ranked public university in the United States, coming in at 23rd in a list filled with Ivy League schools and some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and Asia. More than 700 schools are ranked in the list.

What is the lowest GPA UCLA will accept?

The Scholarship Requirement defines the minimum grade point average (GPA) in the “a-g” subjects to meet University of California admission requirements. The minimum GPA for California applicants is 3.0. It’s 3.4 for nonresidents.