Can you choose which SAT essay to send?

Can you choose which SAT essay to send?

NO. Although the SAT Essay is an optional part of the test, once you’ve decided to take it, it is part of your test scores. While some schools offer you a choice on which test scores to send, this choice only applies to which test dates you want to send, never which sections.

How do I send official SAT scores?

Sending Your ScoresOnline: Sign in to your College Board account.By mail: Complete and mail the Additional Score Report Order Form (.pdf/1.27MB)By phone: Call Customer Service at (toll free) or (international)

Should I send all of my SAT scores?

Should I send all my scores, or just one? When applying to most colleges and universities, sending all your scores can only help you. The majority of colleges are not interested in looking at multiple test scores and identifying trends in testing. They will consider one test score in your application.

Is it better to send all SAT scores or just best?

The better prepared you are for the SAT test, the better you’re likely to do – which means you may not need to retake the test. If you choose to send scores from a test, you must send all scores from that test (critical reading, math, writing); you can’t choose to send only your math scores, for example.