The biography of Guy de Maupassant

This French writer was insatiable in love. All his life he changed his women like a gentleman gloves. Most Affairs have become the subjects of his books. Maupassant was proud of his tireless love nothing less than literary talent…

Man was created on 5 August 1850 in respectable household. Nevertheless, his mom Le Poitevin and careless reveler of Maupassant hitched just after he’s acquired from the town of Rouen right’s municipal courtroom to increase his title the prefix “p”. He or she and because of this Marriage received titles that were significant.
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Laura was a lady of effective and smart having a brain that is really uneven. Guy experienced her effective impact on him like a writer so that as an individual. Dad, being a participant along with fully a rake hadnot paid attention following the breakup with Laura, particularly to her offspring.

But before they divided in 1862, the household frequently found relaxation about the coastline of the sea within the town of Etretat.

This location was liked by Man. Below it had been feasible to carefully and effortlessly analyze bathers. Then, and in his youth right into an Adult knowledge of the water is recognized with lady and lady with water. In his memoirs, Maupassant creates: “Several individuals of the female-are in a position to endure the beach’s check. Just here they enjoy and can completely observe!”

Oneday, as 18-year old kids, man I fulfilled having a French Bum in the resort. Passionately in-love, he in the night visited her, cherishing wish, as well as offered the wonder of composition. Nearing her screen, he noticed a noisy happy fun of the organization: Fanny browse his buddies the verses of the youthful admirer. This embarrassment he never forgave the entire feminine intercourse and didn’t anticipate…

In College of London Maupassant registered the school of regulation within the drop of 1869. As well as on Prussia Portugal announced war in summer time of 1870, and battle was gone to by man without doubt. In the beginning, he was hired military worker in Rouen decided the Navy’s support supply . Military responsibilities were being depressed as by cabal. The store the teenagers had the chance to create stories.

By chance that is content, his coach that is rigid was mom, the writer of ” Bovary ” Gustave Flaubert’s buddy.

To the Seine man undoubtedly went in his free time. Water offered him a sense of joy: the vessel buddies and every single day new-girl… Depart Maupassant typically invested in Etretat at-sea. Their Love-Affairs were often stories’ topics.

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Within the short-story “the Travel, for instance,” he nearly uncut retells among their ship excursions. A woman called Travel, undoubtedly becomes a partner of five crewmembers. Towards the enthusiasts she declares at the conclusion of the journey that she’s pregnant. The ultimate tale is just a figment of the writer’s creativity, but anything else holds true.

Within the springtime of 1877 Maupassant creates his buddy a notice John, where-with pleasure creates he is sick with syphilis. “I’m happy that I’ve the syphilis that is actual ! ” Medication of this period nevertheless didn’t understand how to handle this illness that most that are ill of designers and the excellent authors.

All his free of therapy and the publishing period Maupassant was involved within the actual search for ladies. the youthful Duchess and socialite drawn him, who hated him, but was keen on them. After which they get pleasure from vengeance, sketching within their tales that are sensual. Uniform in parallel, create Love-Affairs that are many. And throughout were converted into stories and books. Within the book “Your center” he explained the Potocki Emmanuel, for instance, phoning it there the p Fremin.

For a while he was chatting with an unknown girl. She was ill with tuberculosis and wanted to leave Maupassant my diary. Her letters were full of vitality and recklessness. Only after her death, the writer learned that the girl named Maria Bashkirtseva (Musya).

Maupassant often identified himself with their heroes. His most famous phrase: “Dear friend — it’s me.” In one of his letters he confesses: “I collect Women. With some I meet once a year, and others every six months, with the third — once a quarter. With some — when they want it. I never loved anyone”.

Assistant writer argued in his diaries: “I know Not, whether among all its women one he needs the most? Ermina? Litzelman? Potocki? Marie Cannes? Or “Lady in gray”?” By the way, the last Giselle d Estok, according to assistant hasten the demise of the writer’s “tricks too passionate and insatiable woman.”

“Lady in grey” has shared with him not only passion for drugs, but also encouraged other vices GI. Together they indulged in unrestrained revelry with prostitutes. “Our heart” was the last novel of Maupassant. His main character — Ms. de’byrne was charged with another mistress, Armine Leconte du nouy.

Writing brought, guy de Maupassant and wealth and fame. To the end of his life he had a solid condition, a lot of real estate and a few yachts. But the syphilis drove him to madness. He suffered from hallucinations, even tried to cut his throat. He was placed in one of the mental hospital, where he died July 6, 1893.

Ten years after the death of Maupassant, a Parisian newspaper “Eclair” published the news that the famous writer left behind offspring — two girls and a boy. In 1883 a boy was born Lucien, in 1884 — girl We and 1887 — the second girl Mar Margarita. All three children were given the surname of his mother, Josefina Litzelman.

Maupassant himself never mentioned them. And his mother Laura and family doctor Balestra generally denying their existence. At that time in high society was common practice to throw illegitimate children. In his will, he appointed his lawful heir to the daughter of a brother name Simon. Parents only got one fourth of his condition.

So how many of Maupassant were women? In one of the stories he cites a figure of 300. But is it? Most likely, he himself lost count. “I love — he wrote, — only one woman — a stranger, which is not in reality”…