Bad news for Montezuma Part 1

The reign of last Aztec ruler Montezuma was accompanied by ominous signs, which, it was believed, foretold the imminent capture of the country white. It – is simple myths or later rigged?…

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In 40-ies of the XVI century missionary Toribio de Benavente, known as Motolinia described several strange phenomena that the Aztecs observed several years before the arrival of Cortez.

First, the air saw the figures of fighting warriors. Then intended to sacrifice the prisoner was “angel”, encouraged him and told him what sacrifices will stop soon, as approaching those who are destined to rule this earth.

After a while night in the East observed a glow, and later a column of smoke with flames. It’s not the only “signs” announcing the arrival of the European conquerors in Mexico.

Burn from the pipe

In his “General history of the things of New Spain, ” the Franciscan Bernardino de Sahagun described a number of miracles, foretelling the capture of the country by aliens. They are one of the other weirder.

For example, dead and buried in the yard of his house, the woman allegedly appeared to the Aztec leader Montezuma and stated that it will end the power of the lords of Mexico, for in the way of those who would enslave this land.

According to the description of Franciscan, in the East, the Aztecs saw the lights in the “fire pyramid”, which was covered all around as if night suddenly the day came. The signs also carried the fire in the temple of the patron of the Aztecs, Huitzilopochtli, lightning without thunder in the temple of the God of fire, the comet and the sudden increase in the level of lake Texcoco, which flooded part of Tenochtitlan.

Montezuma I

And then went to miracles. The city suddenly began to wander a goddess, lamenting: “my Children, I leave you.” Montezuma was taken the bird with a mirror on the head, in which he saw three stars, and then soldiers on “the ROE deer”. Then the Lord began to lead the two-headed freak who immediately disappeared.

Another collector of prophecies about the conquest, the Dominican Diego Duran, was consulted by the descendants of the ruling family of Texcoco, with which the Aztec “emperors” had a complicated relationship. In his essay “history of the Indies of New Spain, a series of signs begins with the prophecy of Nezahualpilli, king.

He was famous as a wise ruler, and even the magician, however, by the end of his reign the position of Texcoco, once an equal partner of Tenochtitlan, weakened. So it is probably not without hidden malice told Montezuma that in a few years the city of Empire will be destroyed, the lords and their sons killed, and the vassals were oppressed and enslaved.

Then Montezuma appeared to the farmer and told him a strange story. One day a giant eagle carried him to the cave where he found the treat, the tube with tobacco and a sleeping man in rich clothing. A mysterious voice announced that the sleeping Lord – ruler Montezuma, who is so drunk with an arrogance that feels no impending disaster.

To see “insensitivity” master, the farmer was ordered to burn his pipe, and then to attend him to the Palace and tell all. The enraged Governor gave orders to put the farmer in jail and immediately felt the pain from the burn.

Dismayed at the signs told the king to inform him of the prophetic dreams that predicted all sorts of doom, and then imprisoned those who saw them, into prison and starved to death.

Light from the East

In the XVII century to the legends about the signs, and added new stories and old ones are vivid details. For example, concise article about the revived woman became the story of the afterlife adventures of the sister of Montezuma Papansin.

Papansin was buried in the Imperial garden. The next morning the king’s daughter went out there to play and found an animated Princess. The girl told about the miracle of his mother, and that led to her ruler of the Aztecs.

Papansin told that after death he found himself on the banks of the river, where he met the winged young man. He said that it is too early to go to the other side, as it needs to see something and tell about it to their fellow countrymen.