Awesome Ways To Improve Your Ability To Write and Learn

Six Ways to improve your ability to write and learn

We all have the potential to become better writers and thinkers, but it can be tough to get the most out of our abilities without some extra help or guidance.  Luckily, there are a number of great tools out there – some quite basic, others cutting-edge technology – that can do a lot to enhance your writing and problem solving abilities.

1) The Outline

Yes, the age-old outline is the time proven tool that will keep your essay or story structurally on track while helping your writing stay compelling and fluid.  Think of the outline as your co-pilot, it’s there to provide the information and direction you need to prevent you from getting lost as you journey through numerous chapters and thousands of words.  And ignore the myth that an outline is just something amateurs use, even most professional writers still use an outline, and although putting one together will take some extra time in the beginning, ultimately it will make the writing process faster, more efficient, and actually turn you into a better writer by allowing you to focus on the quality of writing by not having to wonder what you’ve written so far and what you’re going to be writing next.

2)  Study Other Writers’ Work

Whether you’re writing involves fiction or non-fiction, by taking the time to read and examine a successful author’s work, you can learn an immense amount with regards to plotting, descriptive writing, sentence flow, pacing, and just about any other essential element that makes up great writing.  The best part is that there’s virtually a never-abundance of books and novels to study and simply by observing the work of a polished author, you can become a better writer.

3)  Grammar & Style Guides

No matter how amazing your story is, if your work is loaded with grammatical errors and clunky style, it can distract or irritate the reader enough that he simply tosses your book to the side and never picks it up again.

Which, after all the hard work you put into the project, would be a bit disappointing.

The great news is though that a grammar & style guide will give you all the instruction you need to create polished, easy-to-read prose that will allow your creative genius to come through nice and clear while keeping your reader hooked until the very end.

4)  Software

Having your ideas nice and organized will go a long ways when writing, and a writing software program is the perfect way to keep your focus and energy on the quality of your work without getting flustered about what fact goes where or who said what to whom and when.

With a good software program, you’ll be able to avoid drowning in numerous files, notes, or character and scene cards, and instead have everything in once neat place which will keep your mind relaxed and the words flowing.

5) Apps For Learning

Project-Based Learning apps are tools that provide a way for students to solve real-world problems without being restricted to a tight academic environment.  By integrating the learning process with the ability for students to self-direct themselves, these apps allow students to brainstorm, plan, collaborate, and ultimately publish their project.

6) Online Writing Tools

One of the tricky things about writing is knowing how good it needs to be and how much time you should spend getting it to that point.  There are plenty of good writers out there who struggle to turn in their work simply because they know it can always be better.  A bolder descriptive phrase here, a smoother couple of sentences there, writing is like an artistic puzzle that never really ends.

However, in the real world, deadlines have to be met and spending extra days, weeks, months (and for some perfectionist authors even years)  can have some pretty academic and/or career consequences.  Fortunately, there are a number of online tools that can accelerate the editing process while allowing you to feel secure in the product you’re turning in.  An example of one of these tools is the Hemmingway Editor.  The Hemmingway is a great tool for eliminating run-on sentences, turning a passive voice into an active one, and making sure the structure of your work is nice and organized.