Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism courses After 12th

For prospective pilots, an aviation course can be the perfect way to initiate a long and successful career. This coursework includes a variety of essential training for pilots, including those seeking employment with commercial airlines and preparation for flight instructor programs.

Type of Hospitality and Aviation Courses:

1. Hospitality & Aviation Management

2. Airport Management & Retail

3. Airport Management & Customer Care

4. Hospitality & Tourism Management

5. Ground Staff Services & Retail

6. Professional In Ground Staff Services

7. Professional in Cabin Crew

8. Personality Development


Hospitality & Aviation Management:

The Hospitality & Aviation Management course prepares you for a career in aviation, hospitality, tourism, and retail industries. On completing this course, you can work in an airport or airline, a hotel or travel company, or even a big fashion or retail brand

Airport Management & Retail:

This course prepares you for great career opportunities and high-paying job prospects in the aviation and retail industries.By 2020, India will be the third largest aviation market in the world*. This growing industry requires thousands of trained & skilled professionals every year.

Airport Management & Customer Care:

This course prepares you for a successful career in the airline & aviation industry.Every day more than 90 lakh* people in the world take a flight & they require the assistance of trained airport managers, and skilled professionals in the safety, services and maintenance unit, fixed base operations, airport transportation, catering, baggage handling, transport scheduling, and security.

Hospitality & Tourism Management:

The Hospitality & Tourism Management course trains you for highly-skilled job opportunities in the dynamic hospitality & tourism industries. The total market size of tourism and hospitality in India is US $117.7 billion and is predicted to touch US $418.9 billion by 2022*. On completing this course, you can choose a career at hotels and travel & tourism companies and be a part of these huge industries.

Hospitality & Tourism Management:

course in Ground Staff Services will prepare you to handle ground activities at airports & airline companies.With approximately 80 lakh people* in the world taking a flight every day, the need and demand for efficient ground staff is increasing. In addition, 1.4 lakh tons of cargo is transported by air daily.

Personality Development:

Your personality is the first thing that is noticed in a job interview, in any company, any field. Having a good personality is essential to get ahead in today’s world. Personality Development course will polish your presentation and communication skills and prepare you to have a successful career in any field of your choice.

Professional in Cabin Crew:

Become a trained cabin crew professional with domestic & international airlines.Every day more than 80 lakh* people in the world take flights & they require the assistance of trained cabin crew professionals for right guidance and a safe journey.

Professional Ground Staff Services:

This Professional course in Ground Staff Services will prepare you to handle ground activities at airports & airline companies.This course trains you to handle both people & cargo and to work in various job roles in the areas of airport handling, cargo and transportation, passenger handling, and customer service.


BSc Degree Course in Airline, Tourism & Hospitality Management offered through PTU (Punjab Technical University). The degree course is ideal for the students who are looking to gain a Bachelors Degree along with professional training.


College and Institutes of Hospitality and Aviation Courses:

Aptech Aviation Academy

Fly Air Aviation Academy

PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai

Fledge Institute of Aviation and Hospitality, Aviation and Event

Jet India-Institute of Aviation and Hospitality Management

Kohinoor International Management Institute

Niham Hospitality & Management Institute

Aviation Space India

BSC From PTU (Punjab Technical University)

Salary Packages after Aviation, hospitality, tourism courses:

For Freshers : 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh (per annum)

For Experienced : 8 Lakh to 12 Lakh (per annum)

Best of Luck 12th Student and Go ahead with Big Dreams 🙂

About Common Proficiency Test: CPT stands for Common Proficiency Test and it is the entrance exam to become a Chartered

What is Pilot: Every Student wants to know how to become a pilot and wants to get a commercial pilot license?