5 Tips to Claim Your Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation refers to insurance coverage that helps employees after suffering an injury at work. When an employee is injured at work, it prevents them from earning an income and may include medical bills to get medical attention for the injury. Though workers’ compensation insurance is meant to avoid employees suing their employers after suffering workplace injuries, issues can still arise. Receiving compensation from your employer’s insurance company may be more complicated than you think. The following are tips to help you claim your worker’s compensation:


Get Medical Attention

Your prerogative should always be first to get medical attention, depending on the injury. First aid might be enough, but medical attention is especially vital for a severe injury that requires emergency services. Even if you feel okay, go and get a check-up. The company may have a doctor they prefer but otherwise, go to your doctor. Only after you are sure you are okay should you proceed.

Report Your Injury Swiftly

If you want to receive your worker’s compensation, you should report your injury immediately. Report to your supervisor or employer as soon as possible after sustaining the injury. It will be much easier if you are on the same premises, but if not, head to the office and report the incident. Most organizations will have a ‘Report of Injury’ form for you to fill out. Otherwise, you should put the report in writing in a letter or email. In some cases, a recorded phone call will suffice.


Contact an Attorney

If you face any issues while reporting the injury, you should see a lawyer for legal advice. Workers’ compensation laws are different in each state, so be sure to get an Albany Workers Compensation Lawyer if you live in Albany, New York. The lawyer will tell you the full ramifications of your case and advise you on which course of action to take. They will also help you file the claim and improve your chances of success.


File Your Paperwork Properly

Your employer’s insurance company will explore every option to avoid paying your claim. One of the best things you can do for a workers’ compensation claim is to file it properly. Ensure the details on the form or letter are correct. You should also ensure that your employer fills their portion of the claim correctly. If you are uncertain of how to fill the claim, photocopy the form and practice.


Avoid Interactions With the Insurance Company

The insurance company has all sorts of tactics they can use to avoid paying compensation. If you want the best chance to receive your claim, you should avoid interactions with the insurance company. It would be much better to let your attorney handle it. Your lawyer has a much better chance of successful negotiations as they have the necessary experience and skill. Proceed with caution when dealing with the insurance company, or else you will not receive the sum you deserve.

Applying for a claim for workers’ compensation and receiving the payment are two different things. You need to know what to do to get due compensation for your injuries. The above tips should help but feel free to ask your attorney for more.