5 Effective Ideas to Publish Student Writing

Meta Description: Are you in the book printing phase and ready to publish? Here is the step-by-step guide for student writers to get into the world of publishing.


So how does one get started? It starts with sharing stories, narrating day-to-day events from your perspective.  For some people, the very first stage of writing is observation, which gradually transforms into story-telling. We all can amplify our thoughts and turn those feelings into writing.

Some more than others, and with the right resources and direction, it can reach the whole world. Teachers and mentors need to encourage students to express their imagination in the form of writing.


Kindle your Musings

Usually, our first experiences of writing come from a school assignment. We imagine becoming an author at that age. Empowering the students to express, write, and share with an audience can mold them into potential writers. The process particularly for young writers is a great opportunity to teach them how to make decisions regarding the content of their writing.


For students, writing is the foundation of the entire process. Lead up (revision, editing and proofreading) is the reassurance stage, that gives you a push to the next stage which is book printing. The most contributing factor to their development as a writer is the publishing phase. Why? Because it’s time to spread your wings and showcase your writing to an audience. So, choose your printing or publishing services carefully and get ready to shine.


The Journey Towards an Unfamiliar Road

Everyone has their personal touch, some are quicker, while others take more time to grasp the idea, and struggle with indecision. We will share a few ideas to overcome these issues:



Give yourself a timeline for submission to have more perspective. Deadline is vital for a writer and is important to prepare yourself to complete the task within a certain time.



Follow certain rules to keep your progress in check. Talk to your mentors and teachers regularly to give them an update about their status. Some classes also have a discussion group to exchange information for publishing their writing. This is an excellent way as it encourages you to be accountable, and overcome dilemmas.


Map Out A Model

 This will help you enormously until the final stage.  From planning, drafting, editing, printing to publishing, every single stage will be recorded. This can be used as a framework for future projects.



Start your discussions early about making your writing “public.” This takes more work than you can even anticipate. If you don’t spend enough time exploring the way to make it available for the world, you might end up short selling your hard work.


The Power of Publishing

Publishing is the final, and most time-consuming stage of all. Let’s talk about the impact that student publishing has on the world. Publishing has more power than we think. It opens up doors of discovery, both for writers and readers. How many times have we been immersed into a beautiful piece of writing, and felt a rush of feelings from an ocean away?


Publishing is an educational tool to connect students and families all across the world, and that also quickly! Besides, you are inspiring and sharing personal space with your readers. Student publication has played a major role in the most successful author’s journey. The most compelling part of student writing is how every writer becomes the best version of themselves.  Publication aids in motivation. Once you know you are writing for an audience, you automatically apply more effort to do well. Publication rules out the teacher-student barriers, and instead works as a collaborative tool with a combined purpose.


Broaden Your Horizon

 We have shortlisted some effective ways to celebrate your efforts and display your finished work. Choose platforms that will do justice to your piece, as they can make all the difference in how your writing is perceived. Just a few more steps to the final stage!


Classroom Book Club

This step is a great way to receive instant feedback. Sharing your final product in front of a physical audience gives you the chance to welcome reviews, constructive criticism and open discussions. This interactive session is helpful in many ways. It’s important to prepare yourself to handle criticism, you become more eager to do better. In no time, the classroom becomes a club full of writers.


Free Blogging Platforms

 Take advantage of the power of the internet and social media. This is the easiest way to get published. The only drawback is, you have to be careful about choosing the right platform for it, (age-wise). Many kids and even teenagers get discouraged with the freedom of commentary. It can often leave a bad taste if you are just beginning to write. It may not be the best platform for everyone.

Students who are under 18 are free to blog on any platform but only under adult supervision to ensure safety and privacy.

There is a safer blogging option for students if the schools can create a classroom blog for publications, with a password-protected site. It can give them the option to comment, generate feedback and securely share their ideas.


Host a Bookstore Event

The first step is to contact the neighborhood bookstore. Come up with a combined plan with them. Work out a way to host an event there, where you can invite other students, parents, and your neighbors. Before you prepare your invitations, think about the time you want to spend on the book reading. Get help from the local store to print a few copies of your book in case someone wants it. You can take pictures of the event and post them on social media to create a buzz.


Create an EBook

You can create an Ebook on Google Slides or Powerpoint. Both are pretty simple and easy. You can find various tutorials online on how to make an Ebook. Design an eye-catching cover with the right fonts. All you need to do is copy and paste the writing piece, and save it. Also, make sure to save it as a PDF.

You can speak to your teacher to allow you to present your book to the class in front of an audience.


Use a Publishing App

Explore your options. Multiple apps can be used to publish your writing. Research the app you have decided to use. Try publishing a demo first to see whether you are familiar and satisfied with the contents. Start to transfer your writing to the publishing app. Don’t forget to save a copy of it on your google drive for your friends and family to see later on.

You are no longer limited to your classroom.


To Summarize

In today’s world, you are exposed to much more, maybe a class in a different town, a country, even across the globe. Academically, curriculums and teaching methods have improved in most parts of the world. We no longer follow a conventional way of teaching, where students are only expected to write in the school copies. They now need audiences, and therefore publishing across different platforms to get the right exposure is the way to move forward.