Motivation Letter Hacks

For those who have not encountered this genre before, writing a cover letter in their native or foreign language can be difficult.

In our article, we have collected the main recommendations on how to write an effective cover letter that will arouse the interest of the commission and tell you why you are interested in a particular university or vacancy.

Types of Motivation Writing

A cover letter is a type of accompanying document that is required when applying for a job, is considered as part of an application for training in a magistracy or receiving an educational grant.

Tips for writing a cover letter vary slightly depending on what its final goal is:

  1. letter of motivation to the university (or other educational institution);
  2. cover letter for a grant;
  3. cover letter for hiring.

In general, the principles for compiling these letters are quite similar.

How to write a cover letter to the university

Today, many of the leading universities in the United States more and more often when entering a master’s program require not only to submit a certain package of documents but also to write a cover letter for admission. It is evaluated along with the results of entrance exams and helps the commission to understand how much the applicant is interested in entering, what drives him when choosing an educational institution, and a specific profile of training.

A cover letter for entering a university is usually of two types:

  • cover letter – an essay in a free form;
  • cover letter – a structured essay in which you need to answer specific questions.

Among the essential points of a structured essay, the following are usually found:

  • substantiation of the choice of a master’s degree at a particular university;
  • information on the vector and field of scientific interests of the applicant;
  • information about plans for the implementation of acquired knowledge in future professional activities;
  • information about the key achievements and merits of the entrant.

This type of cover essay is usually simpler. it already implies the existence of a certain structure – the applicant has a ready-made plan according to which he needs to draw up a letter.

How to start a cover letter

It is best to start a cover letter of any type with a brief presentation: present data on your previous education and area of interest, draw up a summary of your achievements (publications, participation in conferences, methodological work).

The main idea of a cover letter for study should be a certain “node” that will connect the identity of the applicant and his chosen field of study. The key feature of this node is that it should not be banal, i.e. I should not talk only about your “passion” or the financial side of the future profession, which you will receive after graduation.

“I want to enroll in a master’s program in English philology because since childhood I have been fond of studying English” or “I want to enroll in a magistracy in the profile of “English Philology” because a translator is a prestigious profession and they earn a lot” – examples of the very commonplace that will not attract the attention of the commission to your letter.

To make a really interesting “knot”, “hook” the admissions committee, you need to reflect the connection between your life and your intentions to continue your studies at this university, and also demonstrate the ultimate goal – what exactly do you want to achieve when working in the chosen field.

Sample Cover letter

It might look like this:

“In my school years, I took part in the productions of the English theater, and this showed me the beauty of the English language, which made me interested in its semantics and grammar. I would like to develop and polish my skills in English philology, obtained at the undergraduate level in the corresponding university, in a magistracy. I am sure that after its completion I can become a qualified translator – a person who acts as an intermediary between different cultural spaces, helps people of different nationalities to hear and understand each other.”

Such wording has everything necessary: it explains in an unhacked, “personal” form the interest in the language, talks about the previous education, and also demonstrates the applicant’s idea of his future profession, that is, directly shows his motivation.

It is these points that are decisive in the analysis of the letter of motivation by the commission, so they should be given maximum attention. Of course, the design of a cover letter is also of certain importance: it should be designed in a business style, written in classic black font, it is recommended to use font highlighting of important information in the text.

In case, you mistrust your own powers, there is no shame if you address to a professional service like this one: