10 Things Nobody Tells You About Medical Fellowship

It is very hard to imagine that once you finish residency, you would need more foundation to becoming a doctor. The first 20 years of a medical student is the set foundation needed. That is a long time! Medical residency programs are already intense and to top that with fellowship, may be difficult to accept. It is important to stay focused on the end goal when the road seems long. Here are 10 things nobody tells you about medical fellowship. We are going to break it down for you.

1. You don’t have to do it

Seriously, you should only do your fellowship if you want to be the cream of the crop. If you are okay with just being a resident, that is entirely up to you.

2. You can supervise a resident

For some mood boosting, this fun fact is true. If you have completed your medical fellowship, you can supervise a resident.

3. The top is not always for you

We all want to get into the top programs but sometimes it is not worth the effort. For example, if you are only applying for top rheumatology fellowships, you might miss out on an opportunity more suited to you.

4. Personal statement

Your personal statement for residencyhas probably got you to this point. Applying for a fellowship program, be sure to put as much effort in.

5. It is not impossible

Doing anything new can seem daunting and too much of a challenge but this is doable. Doing your fellowship is not as hectic as you imagine. You have already gotten through so much and this is just another step in the right direction. It is totally within reach.

6. The curriculum might surprise you

A medical fellowship is on another level of training and you might not expect some of the focus areas. You might even work with law enforcement as part of your training. That’s pretty awesome.

7. You can do more when you’re done

After you complete your fellowship you have many opportunities to take your education further. Fellowship is not the Alpha and Omega of medical studies. Explore options like a Master’s degree in Public Health.

8. Get your research hat on

You are most likely to have a research project. This will actually be an exciting endeavour and forms part of your learning curve. Do not skimp on this one as it is more important than you think.

9. You can get in

Do not be afraid to apply for fellowships. Many feel this is beyond them or they make up these myths in their heads about what will be required. It cannot hurt to apply so you might as well go for it.

10. It is a step up

People these days are very conservative and modest. The truth is, doing your medical fellowship does make you a more educated doctor and therefore better. You will be part of an elite club when you complete the fellowship of your choice.

There are of course more things people don’t tell you about doing your medical fellowship but it is up to you to figure the rest out. GO for it and experience it for yourself. You really do not have much to lose. Be sure to pay much attention to your personal statement or essay when applying. This is your most important aspect of the admission process and should not be taken lightly. You can get that acceptance letter because you have worked hard to get to this place. Doing your medical fellowship is definitely worth it and the knowledge you gain will change the way you treat your patients.

JoyceGrace isa novice in guest post writing. She works as a nurse and in her free time she is a content writer. As some years ago she was a student, she writes for students and she believes her posts are useful for them. Joyce is active, enthusiastic and tries to change this word for better.

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